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Inypay is a service from Singapore which provides various digital solutions. We are building purpose driven solutions which will enable convenience, pay-later solutions for up-skilling and emergency access to cash and various other products.

All Singapore residents over 18 years of age and with a valid NRIC/FIN or an active Singpass account are eligible.

Our Privacy Policy for Inypay Singapore explains the need for which the personal data is collected, used and disclosed.

Here are the few reasons:

Identification of users: To consider and/or process your application to be our customer/user, we require a front and back photo of your NRIC at the sign-up page or creation of an account via MyInfo.

To prevent frauds: To prevent or look into any fraud, unlawful activity or omission or misconduct, resolve customer service issues.

Regulatory compliance: To comply with the relevant law or regulatory requirements of any applicable jurisdiction.

At Inypay, we understand how important security is so we ensure that your personal information is protected. Our Privacy Policy for Inypay Singapore explains how we may collect, use, store and safeguard any personal data you provide to us.

This message may mean the following:

  1. The accepted IDs number or email address is already registered.
  2. Information submitted is inconsistent with accepted IDs i.e. name
  3. Captured image of accepted ID is unclear.
  4. Defaced/cracked accepted ID card led to fail in account verification.
  5. We are unable to process your request for pay later or emergency cash solutions based on the information provided.
  6. Other reasons

To update/change your mobile number, please submit a request to or Whatsapp. We would be more than happy to help you make the necessary amendment(s).

You can send email to or Whatsapp. We will respond to you within the same day.

Early Payday is an employee benefit solution offered in partnership with employers. An employee can withdraw from their own accumulated but unpaid earned wages/salary for their urgent needs.

Inypay partner with employers to offer the Early Payday facility to their employees. Employees are able to access their earned but unpaid salary via Inypay mobile app. The employee is required to agree to the terms of service as part of onboarding process.


As an employer, currently there are no charges. You can offer Inypay Early Payday facility to your employees at zero cost. Since the funds are provided by Inypay, there is no impact on working capital either. The employer settles the payday advances taken by their employees on a monthly basis.

Attendance and payroll data is shared with Inypay either manually or through integration. Inypay provides a portal to all partners to manage and keep their employees information updated.

Our employer portal lets you activate and deactivate individual employees with ease.

Your company will need to enter into a partnership with Inypay ( Post which your employees can access Inypay Early Payday services. An Account Manager provides the necessary support and guidance throughout the integration, deployment, and launch process.


Employees of companies that have been registered with Inypay can access & Register with Inypay app via the Android app, iOS app. In case your company has not partnered with Inypay, you can always provide us with contact details of your company (Inypay partner) and we will be happy to reach out to them.

Through Inypay mobile app, employees get access to their earned salary to withdraw anytime. Money would be delivered in to their bank account in Singapore.

The funds will be delivered into your account within 24 hours.

No. We only give you quick access to the salary you have already earned in your current payroll cycle.

If a withdrawal fails after it has been approved for transfer, that means the transaction was unsuccessful and the funds could not be deposited to the desired bank account. In such case, the funds will be returned to your available balance and you’ll be able to try again.

No. Access to Early Payday facility is only available for Employees our partner Employers.

The salary that you accessed using Inypay will show as a deduction on your next salary by the Employer.

Employees are charged a per transaction fee when they withdraw from Inypay mobile app. There is no interest or any other hidden charges. These charges are deducted from the withdrawal amount.

Yes, you are encouraged to do early payment by following the link in one of the notification messages you’ve received from us.

  1. If you miss your payment, your account may be blocked and you may not be able to access new or existing products and services till the payments are made.
  2. You would be charged a one time late payment fee of S$30 when you missed one of your scheduled payments. 
  3. There could be interest charged on your outstanding amount over and above late payment fee.
  4. We want to get you back on track as soon as possible. If you are undergoing any repayment challenges, please reach out to us. We would try to resolve the matter.

Inypay provides easy, safe and secure financial services that empower you, no matter who you are, to get what you need respectfully.

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