Shaping Tomorrow: The Unveiling of Our Strategic Partnership!

About DAVY Group:

Founded in 1994, DAVY Group initially catered to the Technical Manpower Supply needs of Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Companies. Over the years, it has diversified its portfolio to include services such as Thermal Insulation, Passive Fireproofing, Industrial Coatings, Fire-Stop Services, Facilities Management & more. DAVY Group is also a specialist in providing highly skilled blue-collar workforce solutions to the Construction Industry.

Inypay’s Pledge:

As a Singapore-based Neo Bank, Inypay is unwavering in its mission to enhance the lives of Migrants & Underserved communities across Singapore & Southeast Asia. We are passionately committed to promoting financial literacy and forging pathways for economic growth. Our innovative suite of financial products, spanning Emergency Cash, Study Now Pay Later, Buy / Sell Virtual Gold, Bill Payments and Remittances empowers individuals to actualize their financial aspirations.

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